I may be a shadow in the background, but I'm going through another revival phase.
The result of which is this document as well as some other elements to help spread the gospel of [WHO]
- [WHO]Them

[WHO] as a whole
We are a gaming mini-community, limited to no specific game. Our focus is on the enjoyment of playing with people you know in a casual environment. Scores be damned.

What it is to be [WHO]
- You embrace the idea of being a role model and seek to be the moral guide in all situations.
- Your playing style is honorable, you do not resort to cheap tricks just for the sake of score.
- Being kicked from a respectable server should bring about a few moments for personal reflection.
- Being banned from a respectable server should be considered a permanent scar on your soul.

Guidelines for becoming a moral foundation and role model.
- Never bicker or whine, EVER.
- Do NOT try to solve other people's disputes. Your maximum involvement should extend to the point of telling all parties to take it somewhere else or to shut their pie hole.
- Never make a demand that you cannot back up with a good reason why it should be met.
- Silence is preferrable to making a stupid comment.
- Cheating is never acceptible, unless the players/server are aware of such cheating and actually ENCOURAGE the specific instance for whatever reason.
- Help those around you, even in small ways. Small favors add up.
- Always repay favors you owe.
- Know when to quit. Becoming frustrated because of a game reflects poorly on yourself and members of your clan.
- Know when to talk trash. Sometimes, even in the most strict of environments, a remark such as "up your ass with broken glass" is the best response to a comment.

General advice for well-being from "Them".
- Never become dependant on a person or service. Giving others the opportunity to control you can lead to sour situations.
- Assert dominance whenever the opportunity arises to do so tactfully. The ability to intimidate is essential.
- Recognize your own abilities. Self-Confidence is a self-reinforcing phenomenon.
- Make yourself known, let others build up your legend.